Data Centers

DigiPlex Stockholm Datacenter

Smedbyvägen 6, Stockholm, 194 30


Local Exchanges

ExchangeRegion continentCountry codeStatsNetworks
Netnod Stockholm GREEN -- MTU1500
Netnod Internet Exchange i Sverige AB
Europe SE Stats 159
Netnod Stockholm GREEN -- MTU4470
Europe SE Stats 63
Netnod Stockholm BLUE -- MTU1500
Europe SE Stats 157
Netnod Stockholm BLUE -- MTU4470
Europe SE Stats 64


Peer nameASNLooking glassIRR AS-SET TypeTrafficRatioScopeUnicastMulticastIP v6
Telia Carrier
1299 RIPE::AS-TELIANET RIPE::AS-TELIANET-V6 NSP 100+Tbps Balanced Global
GTT Communications (AS3257)
3257 AS-GTT NSP Balanced Global
BSO Network Solutions
31216 AS-BSOCOM NSP 20-50Gbps Mostly Outbound Global
Cogent Communications, Inc.
174 NSP 100+Tbps Global
1257 AS-TELE2 Cable/DSL/ISP 1-5Tbps Mostly Inbound Europe
29518 AS-BREDBAND2 Cable/DSL/ISP 300-500Gbps Mostly Inbound Europe
City Network International AB
42695 RIPE::AS-CN NSP Mostly Outbound Global
3399 AS-OBE NSP 200-300Gbps Balanced Europe

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