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France Datacenter brings all of the players of the datacenter in France together. France Datacenter promotes the sector as a pillar of the digital economy with the public authorities. We disseminate good practices between professionals and promote the reliability and performance of the sector in the media. Represent the sector to institutions -Be the spokesperson by being effective, recognized and listened for the profession - Participate in major orientations national and international relating to computer centers and telecoms. - Defend the interests of members and the sector through active and defensive lobbying. - Enlighten dialogues with the legislator and contribute to legal and regulatory provisions. Develop member services - Distribute the most relevant information in the sector to our members. - Publish reference documents on various subjects including regulatory, technical, economic and usage aspects. - Organize events to facilitate the sharing of good practices and exchanges between peers. - Raise awareness of the challenges of tomorrow in line with our “ sector project Ambition 2025 ” and stimulate innovation and creativity. Inform public decision-makers, users, the media -Raise public awareness of the challenges of the datacenter through communication. - Communicate and promote our values, our businesses, our best practices and our performance. - Raise awareness among business leaders and managers of the requirements for efficient and sustainable management of their operations. - Promote the impacts (social and economic) linked to the establishment of a data center in the territories.

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