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Objective The objective of the Swedish Data center Industry Association is to support the business interests of the members by; - Organize activities in which, the Members participate by using services from the Association - Being a spokesperson for companies and organizations in the Data Center Industry in Sweden - Supporting internationalization by positioning the Swedish Data Center Industry - Formulating national Research and Innovation agendas for growth - Communicating the Data Center Industry’s needs internally in Sweden as well as internationally The association will with its activities support the Swedish data center industry and create added value of economical and intellectual art for the members and strengthen relevant Swedish industry. Methods The Swedish Data center Industry Association will promote the objectives by influencing pre-requisites and opportunities for a positive development of the sector by: - Marketing the Swedish Data Center Industry and the members of the Association nationally and internationally - Working to establish a Swedish eco-system within ICT connected to Facility Technologies in Data Centers open for interested parties in the industry, academia and public sector - Working to promote entrepreneurship in Data Center products and services - Formulating and communicating the needs of the Data Center Industry for education, research and development at universities, governmental agencies and in the European Union - Encouraging Swedish Data Center companies to engage in European research and innovation projects - Developing the sector through education, seminars, networking events and collaborations to increase the competitive edge - Organizing workshops on customer needs and spread information about public procurements - Organizing other activities supporting the objectives of the Association and its members Membership Members in the Swedish Data Center Industry Association are required to : - Have a legal entity in Sweden with a Swedish registration number - Have business, or otherwise be engaged, in the Data Center Industry or related industry - Share the interests of the Association and support its objectives in all parts We accept applications for Membership at your convenience and new members are normally accepted as Members within a month from the application date. Send your application to styrelsen @ sdia.se with the following information as minimum: - Your organizations name - Registration number of your organization - Contact name, phone number and e-mail address - Short description of the organization’s interests/business in the Data Center Industry The Entrance Fee is 1000 Swedish kronor to be paid within one (1) month from when Membership is granted. Failure to pay the Entrance Fee will result in revocation of Membership . The association finances its operations with a Yearly Membership Fee and a Yearly Service Fee.

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