Engie Netherlands


Netherlands, Zaandam, Albert Heijnweg 1, 1507 EH

ENGIE Belgium


Belgium, Gembloux, Rue G. Fouquet, 5032

Netherlands, Zaandam
Construction, Energy provider, Finance

As a global energy player, ENGIE operates in close to 70 countries on 5 continents. While the Group still intends to maintain its position as a key player in Europe and a leader on the energy transition, it is now a benchmark energy provider in the emerging world. Our strategy is making zero-carbon transition possible for corporates and local authorities. To implement this transition, we are offering our most sophisticated customers global solutions: technological, digital and with financing, to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency.

Develop integrated solutions “as a service”
These solutions made to measure include smart, energy-efficient equipment, powered using carbon-free energy, drastically reducing consumption. We act through-out the value chain: strategy, design, engineering, energy-efficient asset construction, digital platforms, operations management, financing syndication and outcome assurance. By combining our expertise in infrastructures and our close proximity to the customer, we are particularly well positioned to support them in this transition.

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