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Unit 3 Williams House, Manchester Science Park, Lloyd Street North, Manchester, M15 6SE


Local Exchanges

ExchangeRegion continentCountry codeStatsNetworks
LINX Manchester
LINX Manchester
Europe GB Stats 120
Equinix Manchester
Equinix Internet Exchange Manchester
Europe GB Stats 22


Peer nameASNLooking glassIRR AS-SET TypeTrafficRatioScopeUnicastMulticastIP v6
Akamai Technologies
20940 AS-AKAMAI Content 100+Tbps Heavy Outbound Global
Limelight Networks Global
22822 AS-LLNW Content 10-20Tbps Mostly Outbound Global
1299 RIPE::AS-TELIANET RIPE::AS-TELIANET-V6 NSP 100+Tbps Balanced Global
GTT Communications (AS3257)
3257 AS-GTT NSP Balanced Global
2818 AS-BBC Content 500-1000Gbps Heavy Outbound Global
Fused Networks
6320 AS-TELECOMPLETE NSP 1-5Gbps Mostly Outbound Europe
Zen Internet
13037 AS-ZEN Cable/DSL/ISP 300-500Gbps Mostly Inbound Europe
5587 AS-BSVE Cable/DSL/ISP 100-1000Mbps Balanced Regional
Digital Space Group Ltd
8607 AS-TIMICO Cable/DSL/ISP 10-20Gbps Mostly Inbound Europe
8426 AS-CLARANET Cable/DSL/ISP 20-50Gbps Balanced Regional
8468 AS-ENTANET NSP 100-200Gbps Balanced Europe
Daisy Communications
5413 AS5413:AS-CUSTOMER AS5413:RS-CUSTOMER Cable/DSL/ISP 100-200Gbps Mostly Inbound Europe
Cogent Communications, Inc.
174 NSP 100+Tbps Global
Hurricane Electric
Exa Networks Limited
30740 AS-EXA Cable/DSL/ISP 20-50Gbps Mostly Inbound Regional
Zayo (Abovenet Communications Inc.)
6461 AS-MFNX NSP 10-20Tbps Balanced Global
9009 AS-GBXS AS-GBXS6 NSP 1-5Tbps Balanced Global
Nasstar SPN
8897 AS-KCOMSPN Cable/DSL/ISP 20-50Gbps Mostly Inbound Europe
8075 AS-MICROSOFT Content Mostly Outbound Global
Wildcard Networks
34119 AS-WILDCARD NSP 5-10Gbps Balanced Europe
HighSpeed Office
39326 RIPE::AS-GOSCOMB NSP Balanced Europe
13285 AS-TALKTALK Cable/DSL/ISP 5-10Tbps Mostly Inbound Europe
Six Degrees - Datahop
6908 AS-DATAHOP NSP Balanced Global
Freethought Internet Limited
41000 AS-FREETHOUGHT Content 100-1000Mbps Mostly Outbound Europe
20860 AS-IOMART Content 300-500Gbps Mostly Outbound Regional
Open Hosting
33970 AS-OHTELE NSP 20-50Gbps Mostly Outbound Europe
The UK Grid Network LTD
39757 AS-UKGRID Content 100-1000Mbps Mostly Outbound Global
NTT Global IP Network
2914 NTTCOM::AS2914:AS-GLOBAL NSP Balanced Global
42689 RIPE::AS-GLIDE Cable/DSL/ISP 200-300Gbps Mostly Inbound Regional
Manx Telecom
13122 RIPE::AS-MANX RIPE::AS13122 NSP 50-100Gbps Mostly Inbound Europe
Bytemark Limited
35425 AS-BYTEMARK Content 1-5Gbps Mostly Outbound Europe
8851 AS-GCICOM Cable/DSL/ISP 5-10Gbps Mostly Inbound Regional
Domicilium (IoM) Limited
15766 AS-DOMICILIUM NSP 100-1000Mbps Balanced Europe
Sargasso Networks Ltd. (UK)
42579 RIPE::AS-SARGASSO-UK NSP Balanced Global
Simwood eSMS
42353 AS-SIMWOOD NSP 5-10Gbps Balanced Europe
Virgin Media
5089 RIPE::AS-NTLI Cable/DSL/ISP 1-5Tbps Mostly Inbound Regional
Wi-Manx Limited
42455 AS-WIMANX Cable/DSL/ISP Balanced Europe
CloudCoCo Connect
25577 AS-C4L NSP 10-20Gbps Balanced Europe
Awareness Software Limited
34931 Content 20-100Mbps Mostly Outbound Regional
8689 Cable/DSL/ISP 100-1000Mbps Mostly Inbound Regional
Node4 Ltd
31727 AS-NODE4 Cable/DSL/ISP 10-20Gbps Mostly Outbound Europe
Ask4 Ltd
41230 AS-ASK4 Cable/DSL/ISP Mostly Inbound Europe
Elite Limited
29611 RIPE::AS-ELITE RIPE::AS-ELITE-V6 NSP 20-50Gbps Mostly Outbound Regional
Fujitsu Services
6779 Cable/DSL/ISP Mostly Inbound Europe
(aq) networks
33920 AS-AQNET Enterprise Balanced Europe
41495 RIPE::AS-FAELIX NSP 1-5Gbps Mostly Inbound Europe
33941 AS-GCONNECT Cable/DSL/ISP Balanced Regional
Gigastream plc
31712 AS31712 NSP Balanced Europe
Netnorth Limited
25376 AS-NETNORTH Content 5-10Gbps Mostly Outbound Regional
Optinium Internet
39925 AS-OPTINIUM Content 100-1000Mbps Mostly Outbound Europe
15692 RIPE::AS-RAZORBLUE NSP 20-50Gbps Balanced Europe
Metronet UK Ltd
42973 AS-METRONETUK NSP 5-10Gbps Balanced Europe
Trunk Networks Limited
49375 AS-TRUNKNETWORKS Cable/DSL/ISP 10-20Gbps Balanced Global
Melbourne Server Hosting
39451 AS-MELBOURNE Content 1-5Gbps Mostly Outbound Europe
IX Reach
43531 AS-IXREACH NSP 300-500Gbps Heavy Outbound Global
Teledata UK Ltd
43545 NSP 100-1000Mbps Balanced Europe
42473 AS-ANEXIA Content Balanced Global
39545 AS-FLUIDATA Cable/DSL/ISP 5-10Gbps Mostly Inbound Europe
Apple Inc.
714 AS-APPLE Content Mostly Outbound Global
56595 AS-FLUENCY Cable/DSL/ISP 20-50Gbps Mostly Inbound Regional
PureBlue Global Networks Ltd
57315 Cable/DSL/ISP Balanced Global
Packet Clearing House AS42
42 RADB::AS-PCH Educational/Research 1-5Gbps Balanced Global
The Networking People (TNP)
25460 AS-TNP NSP Mostly Inbound Regional
Redcentric PLC
13009 AS-REDCENTRIC NSP 10-20Gbps Balanced Regional
31655 AS-GAMMATELECOM Cable/DSL/ISP 100-200Gbps Mostly Inbound Regional
Magrathea Telecommunications
31084 RIPE::AS-MAGRATHEA NSP Balanced Global
13335 AS-CLOUDFLARE Content Mostly Outbound Global
Talk Internet Ltd
44611 AS-TALKINTERNET Cable/DSL/ISP Mostly Inbound Regional
42010 AS-ITPS Cable/DSL/ISP 10-20Gbps Mostly Inbound Europe
35575 AS-VAIONI Cable/DSL/ISP Mostly Inbound Europe
56478 Cable/DSL/ISP 500-1000Gbps Heavy Inbound Regional
QuickPacket, LLC
46261 AS-QP NSP Balanced Global
LDeX Connect
47264 Cable/DSL/ISP 5-10Gbps Heavy Outbound Europe
Outsourcery Hosting
43198 Content 100-1000Mbps Mostly Outbound Regional
Ai Networks Ltd
50056 AS-AI NSP Balanced Europe
Convergence Group (Networks)
41811 AS-CONVERGENCE NSP 10-20Gbps Mostly Inbound Regional
Internet Central Ltd
6717 AS-6717 Cable/DSL/ISP Balanced Europe
Internet Connections Ltd
34270 AS-INETC Cable/DSL/ISP 5-10Gbps Mostly Inbound Europe
Datatech UK Ltd
47622 AS-DATATECHUK Content 5-10Gbps Balanced Global
28920 AS-CALL27 NSP
Highland Networks Ltd
57356 RIPE::AS-HIGHNET Cable/DSL/ISP 5-10Gbps Mostly Inbound Regional
Wavenet Limited
21267 AS-WAVENETUK Cable/DSL/ISP 5-10Gbps Mostly Inbound Europe
Allegro Networks
12536 NSP Balanced Europe
Packnet Limited
199516 AS-PACK Cable/DSL/ISP 20-100Mbps Balanced Europe
Contingency Networks Ltd
21339 Cable/DSL/ISP 5-10Gbps Mostly Inbound Regional
62240 RIPE::AS-CLOUVIDER Content 500-1000Gbps Balanced Global
Oosha Ltd
44981 AS-OOSHA NSP 1-5Gbps Balanced Europe
Amito AS60610
60610 NSP Mostly Outbound Europe
Telcom Networks Limited
31631 AS-TELCOM-NETWORKS Cable/DSL/ISP Mostly Inbound Regional
Spectrum Internet Ltd
48294 AS-SPECTRUM Cable/DSL/ISP Mostly Inbound Regional
Broadband for the Rural North (B4RN)
58273 AS-B4RN Non-Profit Mostly Inbound Regional
Capita Networking Solutions (Updata)
51551 RIPE::AS-UPDATA NSP 10-20Gbps Mostly Inbound Europe
Connexin Limited
199775 Cable/DSL/ISP 5-10Gbps Mostly Inbound Regional
202793 Content 1-5Tbps Heavy Outbound Middle East
Aspire Technology Solutions
51043 AS-ASPIRE Cable/DSL/ISP 20-50Gbps Mostly Inbound Europe
Vodafone UK Limited
5378 AS5378:AS-CWW Not Disclosed Not Disclosed Not Disclosed
20832 Cable/DSL/ISP 100-1000Mbps Balanced Europe
Oakford Internet Services
206999 Not Disclosed 1-5Gbps Mostly Inbound Regional
West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust
47318 Enterprise 100-1000Mbps Mostly Inbound Regional
Hub Network Services
39537 Not Disclosed Not Disclosed Not Disclosed
Charterhouse Voice & Data
44503 AS-CHARTERHOUSE NSP 5-10Gbps Mostly Inbound Europe
Integrated Digital Services Ltd
197898 AS-IDSI Not Disclosed Mostly Inbound Europe
205402 Not Disclosed Europe
Vive Technologies Ltd
204258 RIPE::AS-VIVE Cable/DSL/ISP 1-5Gbps Mostly Outbound Regional
AVR Group
42009 RIPE::AS-AVR Enterprise Not Disclosed Not Disclosed
Pine Media
202454 AS-PINEMEDIA Cable/DSL/ISP 10-20Gbps Mostly Inbound Europe
Nasstar SCP
206509 AS-KCOMSCP Cable/DSL/ISP 20-50Gbps Mostly Inbound Europe
59778 AS-59778 NSP 100-1000Mbps Balanced Regional
London Grid for Learning Trust
60187 RIPE::AS-LGFLPLUS Educational/Research 20-50Gbps Mostly Inbound Regional
Bistech plc
31273 AS-BISTECH Cable/DSL/ISP Not Disclosed Europe
29129 Cable/DSL/ISP 5-10Gbps Mostly Inbound Europe
M247 Ltd
16247 AS-M247 Content Balanced Global
Link IP Networks
201714 Not Disclosed Not Disclosed Not Disclosed
30909 Not Disclosed Not Disclosed Not Disclosed
Modern Networks Services
202695 Cable/DSL/ISP 1-5Gbps Mostly Inbound Europe
200751 AS-ENTIGY Cable/DSL/ISP 1-5Gbps Mostly Outbound Europe
212655 AS-212655 Cable/DSL/ISP 20-50Gbps Heavy Inbound Europe
4455 AS-BSO NSP 300-500Gbps Heavy Outbound Global
IP River
62163 Network Services 5-10Gbps Balanced Europe

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