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Local Exchanges

ExchangeRegion continentCountry codeStatsNetworks
KleyReX Internet Exchange
Europe DE Stats 380


Peer nameASNLooking glassIRR AS-SET TypeTrafficRatioScopeUnicastMulticastIP v6
34309 RIPE::AS-LINK11 NSP 500-1000Gbps Mostly Inbound Global
12586 RIPE::AS-GHOSTNET NSP 50-100Gbps Balanced Europe
IAG Peering GbR
31025 AS-IAG NSP 20-50Gbps Balanced Europe
Openfactory GmbH
58299 AS58299:AS-ALL NSP 20-50Gbps Balanced Europe
201222 AS-IPBONE NSP Mostly Outbound Europe
combahton GmbH
30823 RIPE::AS-COMBAHTON NSP 100-200Gbps Balanced Europe
Droptop GmbH
201206 NSP Balanced Europe
Cloud DNS Ltd.
203391 AS203391 Content 1-5Gbps Mostly Outbound Global
197890 Cable/DSL/ISP 10-20Gbps Mostly Outbound Europe
Ariel Antigua
207036 AS-AANETWORKS Non-Profit 20-100Mbps Mostly Inbound Global
206499 AS-MMNETWORKS NSP 50-100Gbps Balanced Global
Stefan Dunkel
48646 AS-STEFANDUNKEL NSP 1-5Gbps Balanced Global
Freifunk Nordwest
206313 AS-FFNW Non-Profit 5-10Gbps Balanced Europe
197071 RIPE::AS-IWERK NSP Mostly Outbound Europe
Stefan6 Network
205591 AS-STEFAN6 NSP 5-10Gbps Balanced Global
LocBUS Net6
205413 AS205413 Enterprise 1-5Gbps Balanced Europe
205388 AS205388 Content 10-20Gbps Balanced Europe
Christopher Dziomba
205117 Educational/Research Not Disclosed Europe
Leanor Core Network
44337 AS-LEANOR Not Disclosed Not Disclosed Global
60474 AS-4B42 Content 100-1000Mbps Balanced Global
Lukasz Piotrowski
205148 AS-PSHQ Educational/Research 100-1000Mbps Balanced Global
Elektronik Boecker
204625 Not Disclosed 1-5Gbps Mostly Outbound Not Disclosed
Navice Consulting
137490 AS-NC-CUSTOMERS Content Not Disclosed Global
204035 AS-ONECORP Content 20-50Gbps Mostly Outbound Global
LocIX Route Servers
202409 AS-LOCIX Route Server 20-50Gbps Balanced Europe
Peter Kowalsky
200273 RIPE::AS-KOWALSKY Educational/Research 20-100Mbps Balanced Europe
IT Stall
210020 AS-PRIv6n1 Educational/Research 100-1000Mbps Balanced Europe
Marco d'Angelo
208753 AS-DANGELO Non-Profit 1-5Gbps Balanced Europe
208464 AS-RLKT Content 0-20Mbps Balanced Europe
Servperso Systems Transit ASN
34872 AS-SERVPERSO Enterprise 1-5Gbps Balanced Europe
207963 AS-JIN Not Disclosed 100-1000Mbps Not Disclosed Global
Daniël Mostertman (FinalX)
204982 AS-FINALX Educational/Research Not Disclosed Europe
Netadmin Support
48981 AS-NETADMIN NSP 1-5Gbps Balanced Europe
Stefan Blomme
207537 RIPE::AS-BLOMME Non-Profit Balanced Europe
Harmony Solutions
60548 Not Disclosed Mostly Outbound Not Disclosed
Marius Rennmann
209619 AS-RENNMANN Educational/Research 20-100Mbps Balanced Europe
213280 Not Disclosed Not Disclosed Europe
Moritz Woermann
213127 AS-MOWOE Non-Profit Mostly Inbound Europe
Freifunk Lippe
213106 AS-FFLIP Non-Profit 1-5Gbps Balanced Europe
212997 AS-DALLMAIRIT NSP 5-10Gbps Mostly Outbound Europe
212895 RIPE::AS-VM-JE NSP 100-1000Mbps Balanced Europe
Lukas Michaels
212864 RIPE::AS-MICHAELS Educational/Research Not Disclosed Europe
DETS Global Network
212372 RIPE::AS-DETS-GN NSP Not Disclosed Global
Kleyrex Route Servers
31142 RIPE::AS-KLEYREX-RS Route Server 20-100Mbps Balanced Europe
58015 RIPE::AS-XEO RIPE::AS-XEO-V6 NSP Mostly Outbound Global
v10networks - Gasteier und Sharif GbR
208085 RIPE::AS-V10NETWORKS Enterprise 20-100Mbps Mostly Outbound Global

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