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Redcentric London Data Centre

80 Clifton St, London, EC2A 4HB


Local Exchanges

ExchangeRegion continentCountry codeStatsNetworks
NetIX Communications Ltd.
Europe BG Stats 88


Peer nameASNLooking glassIRR AS-SET TypeTrafficRatioScopeUnicastMulticastIP v6
GTT Communications (AS3257)
3257 AS-GTT NSP Balanced Global
Fused Networks
6320 AS-TELECOMPLETE NSP 1-5Gbps Mostly Outbound Europe
Cogent Communications, Inc.
174 NSP 100+Tbps Global
8190 AS-MDNX NSP 10-20Gbps Mostly Inbound Europe
Zayo (Abovenet Communications Inc.)
6461 AS-MFNX NSP 10-20Tbps Balanced Global
HighSpeed Office
39326 RIPE::AS-GOSCOMB NSP Balanced Europe
Six Degrees - Datahop
6908 AS-DATAHOP NSP Balanced Global
Singapore Telecommunications Limited
7473 NSP Balanced Global
CloudCoCo Connect
25577 AS-C4L NSP 10-20Gbps Balanced Europe
Gigastream plc
31712 AS31712 NSP Balanced Europe
Blue Tiger Solutions
47480 AS-BTS Content Balanced Europe
Excell Business Systems Ltd
8530 AS-EXCELL NSP 20-50Gbps Balanced Regional
4D Data Centres Ltd
31463 RIPE::AS-4D-DC NSP 50-100Gbps Mostly Outbound Europe
Redcentric PLC
13009 AS-REDCENTRIC NSP 10-20Gbps Balanced Regional
31655 AS-GAMMATELECOM Cable/DSL/ISP 100-200Gbps Mostly Inbound Regional
Online50 Limited
35399 Content 20-100Mbps Balanced Europe
Citrus Telecommunications Ltd
50468 NSP Balanced Global
NetIX Communications Ltd.
57463 AS-NETIX-NET Route Server 1-5Tbps Balanced Global
Pixie Networks Ltd
41847 AS-PIXIE-UK NSP 10-20Gbps Balanced Global
Venus Business Communications
20952 AS-VENUSBC Cable/DSL/ISP Balanced Regional
Baltic Broadband
203421 Cable/DSL/ISP 50-100Gbps Balanced Global
Pure IP
204264 RIPE::AS204264 NSP 100-1000Mbps Balanced Global
60670 as-60670-transit Cable/DSL/ISP 1-5Gbps Mostly Inbound Regional
Ocean Unified Communications
60793 AS-OCEANCLOUD Cable/DSL/ISP 1-5Gbps Balanced Global
Eloquent Technologies Ltd
201277 AS201277:AS-CUSTOMER Not Disclosed Not Disclosed Europe
PSD Group
206626 AS-PSDGROUP NSP 1-5Gbps Mostly Inbound Not Disclosed
Charterhouse Voice & Data
44503 AS-CHARTERHOUSE NSP 5-10Gbps Mostly Inbound Europe
Netwise Hosting Ltd
60800 AS-NETWISE NSP 5-10Gbps Mostly Outbound Europe
Stantec UK
62195 Not Disclosed Not Disclosed Not Disclosed
Metro Switch
57014 AS-METROSWITCH NSP 5-10Gbps Balanced Europe
Next Connex
51048 AS-NEXTCONNEX Not Disclosed Not Disclosed Not Disclosed
TouchTec Technology
39175 AS-TOUCHTEC NSP 10-20Gbps Balanced Europe
Subset UK
206245 Cable/DSL/ISP 1-5Gbps Not Disclosed Europe

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