Memcom 2023

28 March 2023,  –
29 March 2023,

MemCon is the first memory event focused on end users and systems. MemCon empowers engineers and architects working on memory-constrained problems with peer insights from case studies in genomics, AIML, datacenter, HPC, computational fluid dynamics, in-memory databases, and enterprise knowledge graphs. If you are working on a memory-bound problem, come and unpack it with your peers, and get your hands on tech demos at the same time. For memory systems designers, MemCon is a market deep-dive, a launchpad for CXL and emerging memory products, and a one-stop shop to meet enterprise data experts. Starting with datacenters and servers in 2023, MemCon will tackle memory-bound use cases in modern and future computing. Working back from the end point – what do future systems need to look like? – the conference will focus on the intersection between systems design, memory innovation (emerging memories, storage & CXL) and other enabling technologies, such as photonics. Come and collaborate on solving memory-bound use cases. Beat systems bottlenecks with insights from systems architects and memory experts. Witness industry-defining emerging memory and CXL product launches. Keep your memory product development on target with market feedback. Join a network of systems and AIML experts, plus end users.


1401 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043, Verenigde Staten

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