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Article | Belgian Digital Infrastructure sector establishes own association BDIA

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Brussels, July 7, 2022 – Today, the Belgian digital infrastructure sector announces the establishment of the BDIA (Belgium Digital Infrastructure Association). Digital Infrastructure, consisting of Connectivity, Cloud and Data Centers, plays an essential role in our digital economy and society. Therefore, the sector has united to put the Belgian digital infrastructure industry better on the map. The BDIA will work for a stronger collaboration between leading parties in the ecosystem with the goal of promoting a digital economy.

Digitization is impossible without digital infrastructure. Without this foundation, the digital economy would not be able to develop further. It is therefore important that the digital infrastructure in Belgium acts as one connected sector. For this reason, the parties KevlinX, ABB, Win, Stulz and Datacenter United have taken the initiative to set up the BDIA.

Connecting industry organization

As a unifying association, the BDIA will be primarily concerned with four main issues. First of all, the BDIA will be the professional point of contact of and for the sector. In addition, the association will organize events where networking and connecting are central. The BDIA will also promote employment within the sector. Finally, the association will increase the visibility of the Belgian sector to users and society through actual knowledge sharing in the form of research, publications, news articles and social media.

Promoting Belgium

Over the years, the Belgian digital infrastructure has matured, partly due to its central location, developed connectivity and deep ties with other European countries. For some time now, the sector has been asking for an organization to represent and actively profile the Belgian digital infrastructure (to parties in Belgium and abroad).

Friso Haringsma, Managing Director of Datacenter United: “Our focus is on promoting the sector and providing networking opportunities for the partners of the BDIA. But also to promote the growing sector to students, job seekers and jobs tout court in the digital sector.”

“We want to put Belgium on the map as a location country,” said Barro Luitjes, CEO of KevlinX. “With its central location in Europe, Belgium is an ideal base. The Belgian digital sector has a lot of potential to grow. To this end, however, it is important that the sector and the associated ecosystem are properly highlighted.”

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