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CyrusOne Pledges to Become Carbon Neutral by 2040

Press release

Pledge Underscores CyrusOne’s Commitment to Minimizing its Carbon Footprint and Supporting Customers in their Sustainability Journey

DALLAS – September 23, 2020 – CyrusOne Inc. (NASDAQ: CONE), a premier global data center real estate investment trust (REIT), today announced a pledge to become carbon neutral by 2040 through the reduction of carbon emissions across the company’s global data center portfolio. To achieve this goal, CyrusOne will focus on using renewable energy to power data centers, designing energy-efficient new buildings, and upgrading existing facilities.

As CyrusOne expands into new markets, the company is focused on purchasing renewables, leveraging green power, and integrating sustainable design components for all facilities. At existing locations, CyrusOne is strategically evaluating upgrades and technologies that reduce carbon intensity and add renewable power to the grid, while remaining cost-effective to meet customers’ needs.

“Making a pledge to become carbon neutral within the next 20 years is an important milestone in our mission to increase our global sustainability efforts, and help customers toward their sustainability goals,” said Bruce W. Duncan, President and CEO of CyrusOne. “We recognize sustainability as a company-wide priority and are working to reduce our environmental footprint.”

CyrusOne’s carbon neutral commitment supports recent global actions to offset carbon emissions. Last year, the company announced that its London I, London II, and London III data centers are running on 100% renewable energy, delivering sustainable infrastructure to customers globally.

The 2040 carbon neutral pledge will build on sustainable, energy-efficient efforts continually put forward by CyrusOne, such as the utilization of building management systems, economizers, and high efficiency chillers. CyrusOne will also publish its first, comprehensive Sustainability Report in October, highlighting the array of ESG initiatives the company is undertaking.

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