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Data Center Evolution and the Road to Liquid Cooling

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The State of Data Center Cooling A Key Point in Industry Evolution and Liquid Cooling Summary: The type of infrastructure that our data centers support today is already different from a few years ago. Greater density levels, new types of workloads like AI and cognitive systems, and a vast reliance on data create a redesign mentality for data center leaders. The challenge for many in this industry is how to leverage density and space more effectively while still being able to scale critical resources. Air-cooling has led the industry in deployments for some time, and liquid cooling is now making significant strides to redefine density and next-generation computing capabilities. We are reaching a maturity point in the digital infrastructure market. Leaders in the space see the benefits of hybrid solutions, where liquid cooling can substantially impact critical workloads. Further, all-in-one network, storage, and compute architecture change the entire paradigm of ‘single-click’ liquid cooling deployments. This paper explores the current state of cooling, what organizations are doing around their cooling profile, and how liquid cooling is being adopted and is helping revolutionize the industry. We’ll focus on real-world use-cases and the critical differences in liquid cooling today versus just a few years ago.

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