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Determining the Return on Investment (ROI) of an IT Documentation Solution

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Modern, high-performance IT and telecommunications infrastructures are a key business success factor. IT departments that deploy integrated documentation solutions as part of their IT infrastructure management strategy benefit significantly from up-to-date data, making the work of individual employees more efficient and optimizing the use of resources and components.


Integrated IT documentation and infrastructure management solutions create full transparency and improve operational processes such as planning, configuration, commissioning, fault rectification, and decommissioning.

From complex application, server, and storage infrastructures and passive and active network components in large corporate networks within buildings and across the campus through to the multitude of components in entire data centers, all the elements, their configuration, and in particular their relationships and dependencies, can be clearly depicted as a digital twin of reality.

To enable better management of internal teams and external service providers in the field with regard to the assignment and execution of detailed work orders, planning functions seamlessly integrate into work order and workflow functions.

Additionally, powerful business intelligence functions support an analytical approach to overall strategic optimization of infrastructure operations, capacity management, and advance planning for complex projects, such as large-scale technology rollouts, network expansions, the construction of new data centers, or swapping out components from one manufacturer for equipment from another.

All these properties and functions lead to a wide range of benefits and savings.


In a recent study, Research In Action investigated the ROI of IT documentation solutions and established that the use of modern documentation tools can deliver significant increases in productivity and cost savings within IT. Ultimately, an IT, Network/Data Center Infrastructure Management documentation is a valid investment with a very attractive financial return and a comparatively short break-even after about 1.5yrs.

Major contributors to ROI are significantly improved resource utilization, savings in material and equipment cost, reduced efforts for reporting & analysis, process optimization and labor cost savings in the planning & execution of rollouts of datacenter equipment, infrastructure setup changes, and the provisioning of network connectivity.

Overall, Research In Action found that datacenter colocators can profit from € 2.17 million in productivity gains and an ROI of 326% in about 3 years through the use of an integrated documentation solution for infrastructure management.

Learn more about the study here.

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