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EdgeConneX Achieves Platinum Status in Zero Waste to Landfill, Leading the Way in Sustainable Data Center Operations


EdgeConneX, a pioneer in global Data Center Solutions, announced today that one of its Amsterdam data centers, achieved Zero Waste to Landfill Operations Platinum level through the UL Environmental Claim Validation Program. This includes 100% diversion, with 3% thermal processing with energy recovery, using UL 2799, Environmental Claim Validation Procedure for Zero Waste to Landfill. This achievement underscores EdgeConneX commitment to sustainability, environmental responsibility, and reducing, reusing, and recycling materials across its data center footprint globally.

UL’s Environmental Claim Validation Program for Zero Waste to Landfill is globally recognized and used to validate a facility’s effective waste diversion from landfills or incineration without energy recovery. Each facility must demonstrate its waste diversion methods, annually verified by a third-party auditor, to achieve the validation. With this achievement, EdgeConneX helps set a new benchmark for environmentally responsible waste management in the data center industry.

“By achieving operational zero waste, EdgeConneX improves resource economy and efficiency and paves the way for additional organizational sustainability priorities. The EdgeConneX Amsterdam data center UL 2799 validation sets the standard for future waste reduction and improved waste disposal operations in all EdgeConneX-operated facilities worldwide.” – Dick Theunissen, Managing Director – EMEA, EdgeConneX

“Waste diversion can save resources, protect the environment, and reflect corporate social responsibility. It can also help companies obtain economic benefits by reducing production and operating costs, and most importantly, helps reduce carbon emissions to achieve carbon neutrality goals. Waste diversion has become an indispensable and important part of a company’s carbon reduction strategy, and we’re proud to support companies — including EdgeConneX — on this journey.” – Michael Savarie, sustainability program manager for the Retail and Consumer Products group at UL Solutions

“EdgeConneX is dedicated to implementing comprehensive waste management strategies, recognizing the necessity of engaging at various levels — both internally and in collaboration with vendors and customers. This approach is fundamental to our pledge to secure UL 2799 Zero Waste to Landfill Validation for all operationally controlled facilities by 2030, embodying a holistic commitment to zero waste that encompasses both downstream and upstream efforts.” –  Haley Willis, Environmental and Regulatory Engineer, EdgeConneX

EdgeConneX is deeply committed to sustainability, focusing on minimizing waste and boosting recycling rates. The company’s strategy involves implementing advanced composting techniques and waste recovery-to-energy diversion methods Dedicated to leveraging diverse techniques, EdgeConneX incorporates recycling, reuse, reduction, composting, and waste-to-energy incineration to minimize landfill waste.

“Recognizing that the biggest hurdle is often understanding what is recyclable, EdgeConneX has made considerable efforts to simplify the recycling process and provide clear, easy-to-understand education. By making recycling more accessible and straightforward, we empower every person onsite to contribute to our sustainability goals. This commitment supports increased transparency and accountability and allows us to better serve our customers, investors, and communities.” – Raj Chudgar, Chief Power Officer, EdgeConneX

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