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Designed solely for Internet of Things buyers, the IoT World Map allows adopters to view the entire IoT eco-system – mapped by sector, related technology, application and end items.
This first, powerful tool of its kind enables users to find the right IoT partner, product or supplier, to either commence their implementation, improve their next stage or increase the success of their existing project.
IoT analyst house, Beecham Research, has mapped the tool from industry sectors where the Internet of Things has been shown to deliver value, improvements and efficiencies to businesses.

These are then broken down by App Groups, where IoT is applied in the functioning of these sector activities, e.g. building automation for the buildings and construction sector. The next layer digs down to App Types, naming actual applications serving a specific purpose e.g. Lighting within Building Automation. Finally, the end ‘Things’ for each App Type e.g. the Sensors used for Lighting systems within Building Automation.

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