AKSA Power Generation United Kingdom


England, Leicestershire, Unit6, Pine Court Walker Road, Coalville / Leicestershire, UK, LE67 1SZ, LE67 1SZ

AKSA Power Generation Netherlands


Netherlands, Dordrecht, Merwedestraat 48P, 3312 CS

As Aksa Power Generation, we continue our investments on our way to become one of the world’s top 3 power genset manufacturers by 2025 and we have recently opened our production & trade center in the Netherlands with this vision. 

AKSA is operating in manufacturing, technology development, marketing, and distribution fields in power generation and energy systems. Selling to 173 countries, the range of the company includes: diesel generators, portable generators, marine generators, natural gas generators, control panels, sound proofed canopies and lighting towers. The production zones are located in Turkey, China (world’s largest power generator plant), USA and a brand new trade and assembly center in the Netherlands to serve our European clients. 

R&D facilities located in Istanbul-Turkey and Changzhou- China employ the highest calibre engineers developing hardware and software solutions to provide clients with world class quality products. Being an expert in synchronised projects, Aksa’s R&D teams are the first in Turkey to develop proprietary product designs and is one of the first natural gas generator manufacturers in the world. Aksa meets the power requirements periodically and continuously, meanwhile providing its clients with the Remote Monitoring System which allows technical controls of the generators from anywhere in the world. In addition to standard products; Aksa also manufactures tailor-made products which ensures the specific requirement of customers. The key element of Aksa’s marketing strategy is to supply value for money, high quality, energy efficient, low noise level and low emmission products with features which offer maximum benefits to consumers at internationally competitive prices, beneficial payment terms and shorter delivery times.

AKSA Power Generators range consists of 44 generator models with Perkins 1,400 kVA-2,500 kVA and Cummins 550 kVA-3,000 kVA products and 50/60 Hz options. All of the gensets are manufactured and tested in accordance with Uptime Institute TIER III and TIER IV standards. AKSA Datacenter Solutions have obtained compliance by Uptime Institute which confirms the suitability of Aksa’s Datacenter Continuous engine generators for Tier III and Tier IV data center projects with consideration of site specific parameters including but not limited to ambient temperature, altitude, design details, and installation details.

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