Apac Netherlands


Netherlands, Utrecht, Krommewetering 131, 3543 AN

Netherlands, Utrecht
HVAC, Installation, Testing Service Provider

Owned and operated in the Netherlands, APAC is a company specializing in data center cooling.  With more than 30 years of experience, we have become the market’s go-to specialist for serving and maintaining your data center’s climate controls.  We focus on our customer’s needs and stay on the forefront of innovation and industry standards.  

Company Mission
Delivering, maintaining and servicing data-center cooling installations with innovative design focused on energy saving, heat re-use and reliability. 

To stay in close connection and consolation with our clients through our motivated and capable APAC team of employees.

Our Vision
To provide our clients with high quality and reliable service.  With a focus on positive contribution to your efficiency, comfort and our environment.

Company Competencies
Our company’s focus is delivering clear results and the highest level of service possible to our clients.  To help achieve this our company keeps up to date with the industry’s most stringent regulation and quality-control. 



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