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Netherlands, Rijswijk, Fleminglaan 10, 2289 CP

The technology with which we surround ourselves is becoming more complex, more inventive and more intelligent. We see this in the buildings where we live and work and in the infrastructures through which we move and exchange information. This rapidly changing world needs a sense of vision which goes beyond today’s challenges. Society needs ideas that respond to the growing standard of global prosperity and to the increasing need for more people in order to have a comfortable and healthy living environment. Ideas which also take stringent hygiene and safety regulations into account and which address the concerns of climate change and CO2 emissions. In short, we need ideas with both vision and ambition.

As an independent engineering firm which operates worldwide, Deerns has the capacity to make these ideas a reality. We establish lasting relationships with our clients so that we understand not just their questions, but also their underlying needs and business processes. Moreover, to help our clients realise their vision, we combine our international network’s expertise and experience with local entrepreneurship and a solid cultural grounding knowledge in specific markets. Thanks to this synergy, Deerns has done project work for many airports, healthcare organisations, data centers, laboratory and cleanroom users, and real estate developers. And our innovative approach within the fields of building systems, energy supply and building physics has proven itself in every area of our service. From concept to design to supervision to aftercare: Deerns brings concepts to life.

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