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Eversheds Sutherland (Netherlands) BV is a firm of legal advisors with offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. We are a company with an entrepreneurial approach.

We are part of Eversheds Sutherland, an organisation with 69 offices spread over 34 countries and more than 3.000 expert legal professionals. Thus we can share and deploy our knowledge of markets and legal issues at an international level, while offering our clients high value advice worldwide.

In many cases our services go further than the purely advisory. With our entrepreneurial mindset, we are always seeking new business opportunities that benefit our clients. This search for creative solutions extends to cost control and the way in which we adopt current juridical proceedings.

The legal challenges facing data centers are unique, requiring a distinct blend of specialist legal advice and industry knowledge. For decades, Eversheds Sutherland has advised data center developers, owners, operators, funders, and enterprises. Its team of advisors is fully immersed in the sector, providing swift, commercial and cost-effective advice.

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