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Netherlands, Boxtel
Recycling & Distmantling

Holland Recycling is specialized in recycling and refurbishment of high-quality IT hardware. We are fully certified and currently have, amongst others, WEEELABEX, ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certificates. Together with our clients we determine the best approach for each project. Because Holland Recycling is part of a large group of companies in waste management, we are the point of contact for every project.

Circular approach
Where many companies use the circular economy as a “fashion term”, Holland Recycling actually gives substance to this. We always offer the most sustainable solution by possibilities for product and parts re-use as well as high-quality recycling. This interpretation also ensures maximum value from your hardware.

Data destruction
Data destruction can take place in various ways. If hard disks can be re-used, we can wipe them. If data carriers have to be physically destroyed, then shredding is the best option. We are a “Certified Business Partner” of Certus Erasure. This way you can be sure that we wipe according to the highest standards. We do the mechanical destruction of data carriers with a shredder where the output fraction has a shred size in accordance with DIN66399 protection level 3, safety class H5. If you have data destroyed at Holland Recycling, you will receive a declaration of destruction including serial number registration as standard.

Why choose Holland Recycling

– Recycling, data destruction and refurbishment at a point of contact.

– Data destruction according to the highest standards.

– Your hardware is collected with our own transport and employees.

– Clear and complete reports.

– Fully certified organization.

– Maximum value for phased out IT hardware.



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