Homij Netherlands


Netherlands, Amsterdam, Zekeringstraat 42, 1014 BT

Netherlands, Vianen
Construction, Installation, Investment & Promotion Agencies

HOMIJ believes that future-proof and comfortable buildings and homes are important for good business and living conditions and that comfort and sustainability add value. Therefore, all our activities are aimed at increasing the return on investment of both user and owner and we make sure that people feel comfortable and healthy in buildings.

HOMIJ integrates comfort and sustainability in the regular maintenance of technical installations and in sustainability, renovation and new construction of buildings. We make conscious choices when it comes to materials and systems. The buildings we make are demonstrably energy efficient. With our building technology we contribute to the transition to a sustainable society.

HOMIJ has a top 10 market position. Hundreds of HOMIJ employees work daily on comfort and sustainability in buildings. A HOMIJ employee is Active and Involved. That’s in our DNA, that’s why we say:

Our DNA in every building
We are Active and Involved. We deliver Comfort and Sustainability.

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