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Netherlands, Rijswijk, Laan can Vredenoord 56, 2289 DJ

Huawei is a leading international supplier of information and communication technology (ICT). For digital power business, Digital Power Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in June, 2021 in China. Its European Headquarter is established in the Netherlands, through Digital Power Technologies B.V., with office address in Rijswijk.

The vision of Huawei Digital Power is to integrate digital and power electronics technologies, developing clean power and enabling energy digitalization to drive energy revolution for a better and greener future, including attention to global carbon neutrality to decisively transform energy for the future of homes and generations
to come. Power generation, transmission, distribution, usage, and storage will all be built upon digital and power electronics technologies. Our company’s unique value lies in its long-term R&D investment in digital and power electronics technologies.

We focus on converging and innovating technologies to accelerate energy and power related digitalization enabling various industries to upgrade along. We further aim to accelerate clean energy generation, building green transportation, sites, and data centers, and to ultimately contribute towards zero carbon buildings, campuses, and cities.



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