Power Towers

United Kingdom, Leicester
Building maintenance, Construction

Power Towers Ltd. is a UK aerial work platform manufacturer founded in 2007 to introduce a 5.1 meter push around platform as an alternative to scaffolding.   Since then, Power Towers has created a full line of small platforms, including the Pecolift, Ecolift and Nano.  This unique and innovative portfolio offers a complete line of solutions that are alternatives to traditional scaffolding. ladders and podiums.  These platforms are recognized not only for improving safety, but also for their simplicity, efficiency and improved operators’ ergonomics.

In 2015, Power Towers Ltd. was acquired by JLG industries Inc., a world-leading supplier of aerial work platforms.   JLG Industries Inc., wanted to quickly enter this segment and bring these innovative clean, ergonomic, simple and safe solutions all around the world.   Power Towers and JLG’s mission is to provide safer alternatives for working at height while contributing to a more sustainable and safe work environment.  JLG and Power Towers are creating the new standard for working at heights up to 5.5 meters, while enriching lives by redefining jobs sites.



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