Royal Haskoning DHV

Royal HaskoningDHV Netherlands


Netherlands, Amersfoort, Laan 1914 35, 3800 BC

Netherlands, Amersfoort
Dutch Data Center Association (DDA)
Construction, Consultancy, Internet service provider

Royal HaskoningDHV has been connecting people for more than 137 years. Together, through our expertise and passion, we have helped contribute to a better society and improved people’s lives with work underpinned by our sustainable values and goals. We are an independent international engineering and project management consultancy leading the way in sustainable development and innovation.

Royal HaskoningDHV has been involved in the emergence and development of data centers and other mission critical facilities from the pioneer phase.

Society increasingly demands reliable systems. Continuity is crucial for the functioning of our society. Mission critical facilities require highly resilient infrastructure to ensure service. For data centers we enable business, operations and systems to operate efficiently, effectively and continuously. We deliver resilient and energyefficient mission critical facilities.

The data center consultants and engineers at Royal HaskoningDHV work on innovative and cost efficient solutions for data centers. We provide our clients, which include co-location data centers, Internet service providers and telecom companies, with strategic, tactical and operational advice. Requests relate to the engineering of the electrical technology and mechanical critical infrastructure, architecture, construction, monitoring systems, sustainability, permits and project management.

• Data Center Design;
• Mechanical & Electrical Engineering;
• Architectural & Structural Engineering;
• Environmental & Permitting process;
• Construction QA (incl. T&C).



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