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Netherlands, Schiphol, Evert van de Beekstraat 356, 1118 CZ

SADC develops high quality, accessible, (inter)nationally competitive business locations in the Amsterdam Airport region. We believe that businesses are best served with business parks where the company can grow and compete, that are easy to reach, and where the personnel enjoy working. All our business parks are designed accordingly.

Green Data Center Campus: the best location for your data center
In collaboration with Green IT and other specialized partners, SADC has developed a Green Data center Campus concept: a place where data centers, service partners and data center specialists from IT, energy, engineering and research institutes form a data center ecosystem.

Besides the obvious advantages in connectivity, this campus concept leads the way in sustainability research and application, helping to realise increasingly low-energy data centers, green software and digital infrastructure. We increase energy effiency and reduce emissions by scoping, testing and investigating SMART IT solutions. For example, more means to collect, transport and recycle residual heat are being built.

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is often referred to as the Gateway to Europe. This is because:
– The Netherlands is one of the most wired countries in the world
– 11 out of 15 European submarine cables come ashore here
– The data center is connected directly to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX). AMS-IX is the biggest carrier neutral internte exchange of Europe
– Mulitple routings are used to strengthen network redundancy
– Flexible cable zones
– An extremely reliable energy network and the lowest latency network of Europe
– Over 130 data centers in this region with an IT -floor > 100 m2

• Development of high quality, accessible, (inter)nationally competitive business locations



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