Securitas Netherlands


Netherlands, Breukelen, De Corridor 3a, 3621 ZA

Securitas’ mission is to transform this fast and ever changing world into a safer place to work and live in. Securitas stands for a proactive, integrated and hospitable approach with a digital core.


Proactive security


It is no longer sufficient to protect based on pre-determined risks. Securitas’ strategy is aimed at preventing incidents. Securitas maps abnormal situations or abnormal behavior, which are intervened before an unsafe situation actually arises. This prevents incidents and saves costs.


Smart solutions


This new vision on security results in preventive solutions with maximum synergy between people, knowledge and technology. Proactive security guards and innovative technology are deployed and supported in the most effective and efficient way from the Securitas Operations Center.


Technology of tomorrow


The Securitas Operations Center collects, combines and analyzes data from all activities. With this information, targeted action is taken at an early stage on any form of threat. With the advanced Securitas Operations Center and an international innovation lab in Sweden, where new technology is constantly researched, tested and developed, Securitas is the innovative partner for security solutions. Now and in the future.



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