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Netherlands, Zoetermeer, Baron de Coubertinlaan 6, 2719 El

SIMSTUDIO International Consultants specializes in providing comprehensive support for datacenter design and operations through the application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) studies. With a proven track record in the global datacenter industry, we bring a wealth of experience.

Our team of experts, with diverse backgrounds but a shared passion for physics, modeling, and simulation, is committed to tackling challenges head-on. Our ultimate goal is to enhance designs for superior performance, heightened quality, and enhanced sustainability.

Our core studies for datacenter design cover:
• External datacenter cooling and emergency power design
• External local dispersion modeling
• Internal white space cooling system
• Internal electrical/battery room cooling system
• Internal transformer room cooling system

Leveraging CFD, we accurately calculate fluid and energy flow, providing visual insights into how equipment, structures, and heat sources interact within the calculation domain. We conduct thorough numerical and graphical result analysis, evaluating design performance against established criteria. Our approach involves extensive collaboration with the design team, presenting findings in a clear, structured report.

In datacenter design and operation, CFD stands as an essential, widely-recognized tool. Understanding the performance of these complex, high-demanding buildings, particularly in relation to cooling, is crucial for seamless operation.

At SIMSTUDIO, we are dedicated to caring for our planet and its people. By maximizing energy efficiency and offering sustainable design options, we help you achieve your goals while making a positive impact on the environment. Join forces with SIMSTUDIO and let us unlock the full potential of your designs while creating a more sustainable future.

Reach out to us today and discover how we can optimize your datacenter for peak performance and efficiency.



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