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Netherlands, Ridderkerk, Euroweg 4, 2988 CM

Netherlands, Ridderkerk
Fire Safety

DEF Network, founded in 1958, is an international and independent network of experts in the field of fire safety and is a major player on the European market. Founded in 2011, DEF Netherlands experienced a rapid development in the world of gas extinguishing systems. Eight years after its foundation, the company made the strategic choice to explicitly further specialize in gas and water mist extinguishing systems. With this new strategy it was decided to continue under the name Sonatech as of September 1st 2019. Just like its parent company Sonatech France, Sonatech will remain part of the DEF network.

Dutch specialist in extinguishing gas and water mist installations

Sonatech France is a renowned player and market leader in the field of water mist installations and has been working for years with Danfoss pumps from Denmark. Specific technical innovations such as whisper nozzles, cabinet extinguishers (Procyon+) and coupled cameramonitoring (Fireye) are concepts that have been codeveloped by Sonatech. Sonatech benefits from its specialist knowledge and expertise and in this way distinguishes itself emphatically as a specialist in extinguishing gas and water mist installation on the Dutch market.



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