Taurus Netherlands


Netherlands, Schiphol-Rijk, Beechavenue 113, 1119 RB

Netherlands, Schiphol-Rijk
IT hardware

Taurus Europe BV offers server hardware infrastructure, services and solutions based in Schiphol-Rijk, in the Amsterdam airport region. Part of a group of IT-related companies averaging 170m euro annual revenue, we believe in offering comprehensive value to our customers in key sectors such as data centers and cloud, financial services, industrial and manufacturing, aerospace, education and research. We operate throughout the entire EMEA marketplace. Our key competencies include hardware distribution (where we hold extensive inventories of storage, network and compute components), High-Performance Computing (HPC), Software-Defined Storage and Software-Defined Networking. We have expertise in Open Compute Project Solutions which is a new way of rapidly deploying large scale and edge compute infrastructures with significant TCO reduction.

We aim to assist data centers and their clients in procuring and implementing modern server infrastructure for today’s modern data center.

• Server infrastructure
• Server components
• Open Compute Project Solutions
• High-Performance Computing
• Software Defined Data center solutions
• Leasing

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