Total Cable Solutions

United States, OH
Power & Network Cable Systems, Testing Service Provider

Our services include assessment, design, and implementation of data center infrastructure, professional project management, and 10G, 40G, and 100G connectivity solutions. TCS provides quality products including fiber and copper patch cords and panels, pre-terminated multi-fiber trunk cables, solutions for field termination, custom fiber patch panels and more. Our ultimate goal is to serve our customers’ needs with quality products, ongoing education and professional services with expedited delivery to our OEMs, VARs and distributors. Total Cable Solutions’ products are manufactured with the highest quality in factories that are ISO-9001 and TUV Certified. All our product lines meet or exceed EIA/TIA RoHos standards. TCS understands today’s high-speed, low space market and the demand for quick turnaround created as a result. To meet those demands TCS has worked hard to streamline our resources and production. Our custom fiber cable assemblies ship from California to you in about a week. Also, TCS can provide private labeled products with a unique customer part number, company name, and even extra features such as bar codes.

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