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Netherlands, Zoetermeer, Storkstraat 2-4, 2722 NN

Netherlands, Hengelo
Dutch Data Center Association (DDA)

TRESCAL is a calibration organization that has specialized for more than 48 years in performing calibrations on various physical quantities, including Pressure, Temperature, Electrical, Geometric, Mechanical, Mass, Relative Humidity and others, with valid traceability to the national and international standards.

The short lead time, calibration at your location, rates including adjustment and transport by our own staff are some important advantages. TRESCAL is able to make all certificates of your calibrated measuring instruments available on the Internet via “TrescalView” at no extra cost, whereby the full traceability and history of the performed calibrations is also made available.

TRESCAL is an organization that operates worldwide in more than 30 countries from 165 accredited laboratories. From the Benelux we can offer you our services from 8 locations with approximately 400 employees.
In addition to calibrations, we are also able to provide you with Validations, Temperature Mapping, Cleanroom inspections, NEN3140 inspections of hand tools and 3D product measurements from these locations.

All our laboratories have the necessary accreditations such as RvA and Belac according to EN-ISO 17025, with a very versatile scope and low uncertainties, which make an important contribution to the quality and reliability of the calibrations performed.

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