TUVit Germany


Germany, Essen, Langemarckstr. 20, 45141

TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH (TÜVIT), a worldwide-recognized evaluation and certification service-provider for data centers, colocationand cloud-infrastructures, with more than 500 data center certifications being issued globally by TÜVIT.

With vast experience TÜVIT is an unbiased and competent partner in the assessment and certification of data centers in terms of their availability aspects and energy efficiency in context of the EN 50600, the DIN EN/ ISO 50001 and the TSI.STANDARD (Trusted Site Infrastructure). TÜVIT provides neutral assessments and support in every phase of the data center life cycle, such as brainstorming, concept, design, construction, commissioning and operation.

• Assesment and certification of data centers
• Assesment during



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