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Worldwide Services delivers a wide range of world-class Managed IT services and products all designed to provide technology solutions that will protect your business. We focus on helping businesses reduce capital expense, increase network efficiency all while eliminating their risks and providing higher quality service level.

Worldwide Services delivers When You Need IT
The day-to-day operation of data centers and mission-critical facilities is becoming more and more essential to businesses around the globe. Whether you are upgrading to new platforms, integrating the Cloud into your IT strategy, or are challenged with the large volumes of data, we are here to help. Worldwide Services global reach in 79 countries and 400 sparing centers allows us to offer a suite of services 24x7x365. Worldwide Services IT services span the entire value chain – from design, configuration, installation and implementation to IT network maintenance. Worldwide Services understands your challenges and has the expertise to help you select the right product, at the right price.

Areas where we excel for cloud and hosting providers
+ Multi-Cloud Strategies
+ Data Privacy (Including Gaia-x and certifications)
+ New Integrations (Edge, AI and Software Defined Solutions)
+ Multi-vendor Support

Current concerns for data center equipment
+ Third Party Maintenance (TPM) is a focus for savings.
+ Post-Warranty Equipment coverage is a pain point.
+ Significant OEM increases of OEM support occur when their warranty expires.
+ TPM offers savings of 40%-60% off of the OEM price.

Hardware supported
+ Servers: Dell EMC, IBM, HP, SUN, Oracle, Super Micro
+ Server Blades: HP, Dell EMC, IBM, Cisco
+ Data Storage: EMC, NetApp, Dell EMC, HP, HDS
+ Tape: ADIC/Quantum, Qualstar , STK
+ Others: We work with 200+ OEM brands.

Sample process flow for a problem
+ Trouble Ticket, Smart NOC, or 800 #
+ Tier 1 support collect vital info and error logs
+ If Tier 4 support is needed then customer is engaged with expert engineer.
+ Part failure is determined and logistics takes over.
+ If replacement requires a field engineer then a FE is dispatched.



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