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Netherlands, Schiphol-Rijk
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Interxion is the interconnection hub for the world’s leading businesses. We help you extend your reach into new markets. Wherever you invest with us, you will have the right connectivity to interconnect, transact and grow your business.

Cessnalaan 50 1119 NL Schiphol-Rijk


Interxion Brussels BRU1

Wezembeekstraat 2 1930 Zaventem

Interxion Brussels BRU2

Boulevard de la Woluwe 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Amsterdam 10 (Rozenburg)

Pudongweg 25 1437 EM Rozenburg

Amsterdam 8 (Rozenburg)

Pudongweg 37 1437 EM Rozenburg

Amsterdam 7 (Schiphol Rijk)

Cessnalaan 50 1119 NL Schiphol-Rijk

Amsterdam 6 (Schiphol-Rijk)

Koolhovenlaan 25 1119 NB Schiphol-Rijk

Amsterdam 5 (Schiphol Rijk)

Tupolevlaan 101 1119 PA Schiphol-Rijk

Amsterdam 3 (Schiphol Rijk)

Cessnalaan 1-33 1119 NJ Schiphol-Rijk

Amsterdam 9 (Amsterdam Science Park)

Science Park 121 1098 XG Amsterdam

Amsterdam 1 – 4

Gyroscoopweg 58-60 1042 AC Amsterdam



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