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Japan, Tokyo
Dutch Data Center Association (DDA)
Amount of DC:
Countries active:

“Global Data Centers is a division of NTT Ltd. and incorporates DPA, e-shelter, Gyron, NetMagic, NTT Indonesia Nexcenter, RagingWire and other NTT Communications group data center divisions. Our combined global platform is the #3 largest in the world, with over 160 data centers spanning more than 20 countries and regions including North America, Europe, Africa and APAC. As a neutral operator, we offer access to multiple cloud providers, a large variety of Internet Exchanges and telecommunication network providers including our own IPv6 compliant, tier-one global IP network. Our clients benefit from tailored infrastructure and experience consistent best practices in design and operations across all of our highly reliable, scalable and customizable data centers.

NTT Ltd. is a leading global technology services company. We partner with organizations around the world to shape and achieve outcomes through intelligent technology solutions. For us, intelligent means data driven, connected, digital and secure. As a global ICT provider, we employ more than 40,000 people in a diverse and dynamic workplace that spans 57 countries, trading in 73 countries and delivering services in over 200 countries and regions. Together we enable the connected future.”

1 Chome-1-6 Uchisaiwaicho, 100-0011 Tokyo


Amsterdam 1 Data Center

Aviolanda 1 1437 ED Rozenburg

Hemel Hempstead 1 Data Center

3 Centro, Boundary Way HP2 7SU Hemel Hempstead

Hemel Hempstead 2 Data Center

150 Maylands Avenue HP2 7DF Hemel Hempstead

Hemel Hempstead 3 Data Center

Campus, Spring Way HP2 7TN Hemel Hempstead

Hemel Hempstead 4 Data Center

1 Blossom Way HP2 4ZB Hemel Hempstead

IS Bloemfontein

Barnee Street 24 9301 Bloemfontein

IS Bryanston

Sloane Street 57 2191 Bryanston

IS Cape Town

IDC 4, 6th Floor, The Terraces, Bree street 34 8001 Cape Town

IS Cape Town 2

Strand Road 2 7530 Cape Town

IS DC Maputo

Rua de Sidano 38 Maputa

IS East London

Bonza Bay Rd 5241 East London

IS Nairobi

Chancery Building, 7th Floor Nairobi

IS Port Elizabeth

Brookeshill St 1939 6001 Port Elizabeth

IS Uhhlanga

Umhlanga Rocks Drive, 2nd Floor, East Coast Radio Building 314/317 4320 Umhlanga

Internet SOlutions Accra

Pension Road Accra

Internet Solutions Cape Town

Bree street 34, 7th Floor, The Terraces 8001 Cape Town

Internet Solutions Johannesburg Jan Smuts Avenue

Jan Smuts Avenue 158 2121 Johannesburg

Internet Solutions Lagos

Ligali Ayorinde St 3 106104 Lagos

Internet Solutions Lagos 2

Ibiyinka Olorunbe 11 106104 Lagos

Internet Solutions Parklands

Keyes Drive 7-9 2196 Johannesburg

Internet Solutions Umhlanga

East Coast House, Umhlanga 4321 Durban

Internet Solutions Walters St

Walters Street 2196 Johannesburg

London 1 Data Center

Yew Tree Avenue RM10 7FN Dagenham

NTT Berlin Data Center

Nonnendammallee 15 13599 Berlin

NTT Johannesburg 1 JOH1

Sterling Road 21, Samrand 187 Centurion


Calle Aquisgran 2 28232 Las Rozas de Madrid.


Ammerthalstrasse 10 85551 Munich


Landshuter Straße 7 85716 Munich

NTT Vienna Data Center (VIE1)

Computerstraße 4 1100 Vienna

NTT Zurich 1 Data Center

Hofwisenstrasse 54-56 8153 Rümlang

Slough 2 Data Center

670 Ajax Avenue SL1 4BG Slough

Slough 3 Data Center

665 Ajax Avenue SL1 4BG Slough

Local Exchanges

ExchangeRegion continentCountry codeStatsNetworks
Cape Town Internet Exchange
Africa ZA Stats 81
CINX Voice
Africa ZA Stats -
Johannesburg Internet Exchange
Africa ZA Stats 147
JINX Voice
Africa ZA Stats 4
Durban Internet Exchange
Africa ZA Stats


Peer nameASNLooking glassIRR AS-SET TypeTrafficRatioScopeUnicastMulticastIP v6
Paratus Africa
33763 AS-PARATUS-CUSTOMERS NSP 50-100Gbps Balanced Global
Posix Systems
6083 AFRINIC::AS-POSIX Cable/DSL/ISP 0-20Mbps Balanced Regional
37053 AS37053:AS-37053 NSP 20-50Gbps Balanced Africa
Optinet, South Africa
10474 AS-OPTINET Cable/DSL/ISP 20-50Gbps Mostly Inbound Regional
37358 AS-BITCO-ZA Cable/DSL/ISP 20-50Gbps Mostly Inbound Regional
Reflex Solutions
37236 RADB::AS37236:AS-REFLEXZA NSP 20-50Gbps Balanced Africa
ZA Central Registry
6968 AS6968 Non-Profit 20-100Mbps Mostly Outbound Regional
29606 AS-BORWOOD NSP Mostly Inbound Global
Megasurf Wireless Internet
327991 RS-MEGASURF Cable/DSL/ISP 10-20Gbps Mostly Inbound Africa
37314 AS-SYREX NSP Mostly Inbound Africa
Internet Solutions, South Africa
3741 AS-IS NSP 200-300Gbps Balanced Global
SEACOM Managed Services SA
37179 RADB::AS-EOHNS NSP Balanced Regional
Workonline Communications
37271 RADB::AS-WOLCOMM NSP Mostly Inbound Global
32653 AS-ENETWORKS Cable/DSL/ISP 5-10Gbps Balanced Regional
Cool Ideas Service Provider Pty Ltd
37680 AS-SET-COOLIDEAS Cable/DSL/ISP Balanced Regional
Faircape Communications
37363 AS-FAIRCAPE Cable/DSL/ISP 5-10Gbps Mostly Inbound Regional
Metrofibre Networx (PTY) Ltd
327782 AS-SET-METROFIBRE NSP Balanced Regional
54994 RADB::AS54994:AS-ALL Content 10-20Tbps Mostly Outbound Global
CINX Route Servers
37701 AS-CINX-RS Route Server Not Disclosed Regional
CINX Operations/Route Collector
37663 AS-CINX-OPS Non-Profit Not Disclosed Africa
33764 AS-AFRINIC Non-Profit 0-20Mbps Mostly Outbound Regional
37159 Cable/DSL/ISP 20-100Mbps Regional
X-Dsl Networking Solutions
36916 AS-36916 Cable/DSL/ISP 5-10Gbps Balanced Global
37177 AS37177 Non-Profit 0-20Mbps Heavy Outbound Global
AFRINIC RFC5855 Service
37181 AS37181 Non-Profit 0-20Mbps Heavy Outbound Global
PowerCloud SP
328400 AS-POWERCLOUD NSP Mostly Inbound Africa
JINX Operations/Route Collector
37474 AS-JINX-OPS Non-Profit Not Disclosed Not Disclosed
JINX Route Servers
37700 AS-JINX-RS Route Server Not Disclosed Regional
Comsol Networks
328114 AS-SET-COMSOL NSP Not Disclosed Regional
328365 AS-ZANOG Non-Profit 50-100Gbps Not Disclosed Not Disclosed
Huawei Cloud
136907 AS-HUAWEI Content 5-10Tbps Balanced Global
Velocity Trade Financial Services
328209 Enterprise 100-1000Mbps Balanced Regional
328829 AS-VUMATEL Enterprise Not Disclosed Not Disclosed
37731 AS-WECOM NSP Not Disclosed Not Disclosed
328366 AS-FIRSTNET-ZA Cable/DSL/ISP 5-10Gbps Balanced Regional
37172 AS-MITSOL RS-MITSOL NSP 5-10Gbps Mostly Inbound Regional
Edge Connect
32437 AS-EDGECONNECT Cable/DSL/ISP 10-20Gbps Mostly Inbound Africa
Gigazone Networks
328024 AS328024 Cable/DSL/ISP 1-5Gbps Mostly Inbound Regional
DINX Route Servers
37699 AS-DINX-RS Route Server Not Disclosed Regional
DINX Operations/Route Collector
37668 AS-DINX-OPS Non-Profit Not Disclosed Not Disclosed
327987 Cable/DSL/ISP 10-20Gbps Mostly Inbound Africa
The Immedia Ecosystem
10803 NSP Not Disclosed Not Disclosed
Hollywood Sportsbook Holdings
328041 AS-HOLLYWOOD Enterprise 1-5Gbps Mostly Outbound Regional
Insight Actuaries & Consultants
328964 AS-INSIGHT Enterprise 1-5Gbps Balanced Africa
NTT Global Data Centers
203329 AS-ESH NSP 50-100Gbps Not Disclosed Global



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