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A Global Benchmark for Data Center Operations: How Does Your Data Center Stack Up?

COVID-19 accelerated business and consumer demand for data centers, placing them more squarely than ever at the heart of everyday life. With digital infrastructure booming as businesses digitally transform their strategies, it’s critical for real estate and technology leaders to stay ahead of what’s next for the data center itself.

What’s in the Report
As the global leader in data center operations, CBRE provides a meaningful global benchmark for the operation of data centers, the foundation of the world’s digital business infrastructure. These insights provide visibility into operations across regions, data center asset types and operational models.

This report details how today’s data centers operate, what trends will play an increased role in operational and procurement strategies and how data center owners, operators and occupiers can meet the market through operational excellence.

The State of Data Center Operations
Rapid advancements in automation and analytic technologies are starting to transform the way data centers are operated, helping drive improvements in reliability while simultaneously promising to reduce costs.

How Aging Data Center Facilities are Being Retrofitted for the Future
Aging facilities located predominantly in North America and Europe will assess their ability to adapt to new efficiency requirements and operational standards as automation becomes the norm and demand for capacity continues to grow.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Management in Data Centers
Robust, effective and efficient QHSE management relies on the holistic management of risks and opportunities through methodical identification, evaluation, mitigation and monitoring. Advances in technologies, engineering, material and component evolution are changing the way that sites are managed.

Benchmarking Data Center Security Precautions
The proliferation of data center numbers, type and location presents a unique set of challenges to the security sector. An exponential rise of cyber-based threats makes managing the risk a top priority. Defeating the cyber adversary requires a fully integrated and constantly evolving defense.

Sustainability in Data Centers
Leaders in data center management are focused on the sustainability of data center management, focusing on efficiency gains, artificial intelligence, colder environments, cheaper renewables, flexibility of demand and using waste heat for other requirements.

Operational Talent Demand in Data Centers
Recruiting, retaining and developing high-performing talent is critical to the success of the data center sector; however, advancement could be stalled by serious talent challenges. With up to 70% of outages in data centers attributed to human error, it’s imperative that organizations not only recruit, but properly train, retain and develop their staff to operate successfully.


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