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8 December 2022 - Colocation
Uptime Institute Report | Sustainability Strategies in Colocation
Sustainability Strategies in Colocation Colocation is a fast-growing segment of the data center industry. But assessing colocation providers’ sustainability performance is challenging. This report investigates and highlights sustainability innovations currently deployed by retail colocation companies worldwide. Key findings: Siting factors can make sustainability challenging; not all operators can use free air cooling, municipal waste-heat reusage, […]
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21 November 2022
Report | DCD Can improving building performance help reduce the risks of data center downtime?
Source: Data Center Dynamics A risk evaluation looking at the role of building maintenance in maintaining uptime. Cover boards and roof boards have enjoyed popularity in North America and closer to home, in Scotland, for some time. Traditionally, thin timber manufactured boards were installed below the roof covering to increase the roof’s stability and provide […]
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21 November 2022
Report | DCD Sustainability: Attitudes and trends
Source: Data Center Dynamics A research report based on live audience surveys looking at the sustainability trends for the data center industry At DCD, we have a rare advantage in that we have access to all of the industry’s experts. Whether its looking at construction trends, power trends or sustainability trends, DCD can provide you […]
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21 November 2022 - EDGE
Report | DCD The Edge Business case
Source: Data Center Dynamics “Edge computing is accelerating across the globe as we see more and more applications that require the super-low latency that Edge data centers can provide. The eBook looks at the Edge from a variety of angles: what’s driving it there, the potential use cases, the opportunities it provides and the characteristics […]
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4 August 2022
CBRE | Europe Data Centres Q1 2022
— Source: CBRE — Key takeaways: Demand from hyperscalers is expected to drive take-up to the 300MW mark by the end of 2022. Vacancy is at a three-year low (17%) across FLAP markets; 440MW of availability are forecasted. FLAP market total supply will reach 2.6GW come end of year.
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15 June 2022
Investments in datacenters have globally doubled last year
Source: DLA Piper The total investment in global data centre infrastructure more than doubled last year, up from USD24.4 billion in 2020 to USD53.8 billion in 2021. The total number of data centre transactions increased by 64% in the same period, up from 69 in 2020 to 113 in 2021, according to a report out […]
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15 June 2022
Report | State of the Dutch Data Centers 2022
The annual DDA market report State of the Dutch Data Centers gives an overview of the Dutch data center market. The report is based on a survey amongst the DDA participants.  The research presents the expected growth of the sector (regionally, nationally and internationally) and gives an overview of the sustainability initiatives that the sector […]
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25 May 2022 - News
Report | CBRE’s Q1 report on the FLAP data center industry
CBRE published their Q1 report on the FLAP data center industry. In this report CBRE highlights the most important updates that happened in the FLAP markets on the following subjects: Supply, Take-up & Pre-lets and Vacancy. The main take aways from this report are: Demand from hyperscalers is expected to drive take-up to the 300MW […]
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17 May 2022
Report | Data Centers in Sweden – By CBRE
Source: Node Pole   Renowned for some of the best conditions for data centers in the world, the Swedish data center market appeals to companies who want to operate with a reduced environmental footprint whilst serving local, regional and global requirements. This report produced by CBRE on behalf of Node Pole highlights the advantages of […]
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