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Netherlands, Kolham, A. Plesmanlaan 15, 9615 TJ

AP, founded in 2001, is a specialist in the field of design and internal assembly and production of switch boxes and low-voltage distribution panels for critical infrastructures. The company is active for clients with critical infrastructure such as data centers, EV applications, healthcare, horticulture, agriculture and engineering of industrial machines. AP is also active in the field of design and production of its own brand OEC Power Solutions for data centers, medical, industrial and office applications. The company specializes in efficient, flexible and high-quality assembly and production within the various markets in which it operates. Moreover, it is an innovator in these markets with flexible, top-quality solutions for its customers. AP has approximately 75 employees and is based in Kolham, Groningen, the Netherlands. The company distributes the products that are produced for its customers throughout the world. AP is part of Dool Industries, a holding company with activities in the Netherlands and Canada. The company consists of Hortilux Schréder, Agrilight, PL Light Systems and AP and was founded in 1975.
Whether it concerns our smart PDUs, an energy distributor or a Busbar branch box: AP can deliver it as a total supplier. We design and produce modular power solutions, under the brand name OEC. We supply Power Distribution Units (PDUs), busbar systems, branch boxes, low voltage distribution panels and solutions for energy management. We do this for data centers, medical, industrial and office applications. We can assemble all products completely to size, so that it meets your specific wishes and requirements.
We work together with various large data centers, system integrators and companies with a data space in the Netherlands. This allows us to design and integrate innovative ideas into our portfolio. In addition to innovation, reliability, service and quality are of paramount importance.



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