Digitalisation World

United Kingdom, Coventry
Data Center Management, IT hardware, Managed Service Provider

Digitalisation World is a comprehensive portfolio of products which cover the key technologies that underpin the digital revolution. Digitalisation World brings together Angel Business Communications’ established, market-leading brands in the data centre, storage, security and managed services sectors, alongside coverage of newer technologies and business developments, including Big Data and Analytics, IoT and AI, Cloud and Hybrid IT, DevOps and Open Systems. Overall, Digitalisation World offers unrivalled coverage of all the technologies that are the foundation for the digitalisation that is driving business transformation across all industry sectors. The Digitalisation World website covers: Apps + DevOps, Big Data + Analytics, Digital Business, Data Centre Facilities + Colocation, Intelligent automation, IT Management + Service, Networks + Telecoms, Open Source, Security + Compliance, Storage + Servers, Cloud + Managed Services. Our weekly newsletters provide news, article and multimedia content focusing on: Data Centres Storage Networks Information Security Channel Digital Business Enterprise Automation

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