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ENGIE develops and implements innovative, sustainable solutions at the interface of technology, energy and digitization. Examples: integrated area development, reliable generation and delivery of green energy, energy-efficient smart building solutions and sustainable asset management and maintenance. This allows us to reduce the energy demand of the customer, realize savings through smart technical solutions and fill the remaining energy requirement with sustainable energy.

This implies that we are really able to make sustainability work: we help companies, governments and consumers to take the step to 100% sustainable energy management as quickly and cost-efficiently. And that is also necessary if we want to keep the world live-able for future generations. Our goal has been achieved if people can live and work pleasantly in a healthy environment.

Our approach is characterized by centralizing the continuity of the data center, customer focused approach, solid design, rapid construction periods, reliable and cost efficient. In recent years, ENGIE has designed, realized, commissioned and delivered several small and mid-size datacenters to end customers and operated (hyperscale) datacenters for customers and (off course) for ourselves. RED Engineering is also part of the ENGIE Group and is close integrated into the ENGIE Global datacenter community. ENGIE also owns and maintains 2 TIER3 co-location data centers in the Netherlands.

ENGIE NL (1.8B€ turnover) is part of the international ENGIE Group (65B€ turnover) with activities in more than 70 countries. International cooperation within the group is highly effective organized. This allows us to work optimally with all entities around the world, we ensure optimal access to the various knowledge and expertise of our internal and external specialists and an optimal supply chain is created. 



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