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Germany, Kleve, Fujistrasse 1, Kleve 47533, Germany, 47533

FUJIFILM Recording Media GmbH, Kleve, Germany, is FUJIFILM Corporation’s European based marketing and sales operation for data tape media and data management solutions. The company provides datacentre customers and enterprise industry partners with a wide range of innovative recording media products and archival solutions. Based on a history of thin-film engineering and magnetic particle science such as Fujifilm’s NANOCUBIC™ and Barium Ferrite technology, Fujifilm creates breakthrough data storage products. Worldwide, Fujifilm and its affiliates have surpassed the 170 million milestone for the number of LTO Ultrium data cartridges manufactured and sold since introduction), establishing the company as the leading global manufacturer of mid-range and enterprise data tape.

As a specialist in storage and archiving solutions, FUJIFILM invites you to discover the latest technological innovations in this field, alongside the FUJIFILM Object Archive software that has been specially designed to secure data on tape.



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