Hezelburcht Netherlands


Netherlands, Amsterdam, Burg. Stramanweg 101, 1101 AA

Netherlands, Amsterdam
Consultancy, Grant advisory

Hezelburcht provides comprehensive grant support to assist clients in achieving strategic, financial and innovative ambitions. Our knowledge of grants, including regional, international and European programmes, as well as our experience in both the public and private sectors enable us to offer a full spectrum of services related to grants and other financial instruments.
We have been building bridges between grant providers and organisations since 1995. As a leading full-service grants and management consultancy, we support clients worldwide in leveraging funds and forging lasting partnerships.
Our specialists speak the clients’ language and their backgrounds match the clients’ sectors. Therefore, they not only have solid scientific backgrounds, but also extensive, practical, sector-specific experience.
Our specialists are experts in grant consultancy services in IT-related topics and grants for data centers such as the Wet Bevordering Speur & Ontwikkelingswerk(WBSO), Innovatiebox, MKB Innovatiestimulering Topsectoren (MIT), Topsector Energie Urban Energy and Demonstratie Energie Innovatie (DEI+).
Hezelburcht offers grant consultancy services regarding projects concerning topics such as sustainability, information technology and smart energy technologies. Our specialists provide grant advice and support applications on a regional, national and European level. Data centers and other DDA partners could benefit from our hands-on expertise and the in-depth knowledge of our specialists. We also offer services regarding project-, compliance- and consortium management for funded national and European projects

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