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Belgium, Turnhout, Rubensstraat 104, 2300

Belgium, Turnhout
Dutch Data Center Association (DDA)
Consultancy, Data Center Management, HVAC

DCONGREEN’s mission is about co-creating a sustainable digital infrastructure and we are supporting data center & telecom operators with their sustainability roadmap. We take a holistic approach at this by looking both at the data center building (power/carbon but also water, waste, heat reuse etc..) and the IT load of the building. As a sustainability integrator we implement sustainability & efficiency solutions and offer consultancy (e.g. environmental assessments) as well.

One of the solutions in the portfolio is EkkoSense and is about software-driven optimization of data center cooling infrastructure, based on an AI/ML engine and smart sensors.

It delivers significant savings in cooling energy (average 30%) whilst eliminating 100% of the thermal risks. The technology focuses on the “operational/run” phase of a data center (responsible for up to 70% of CO2 emissions) and constitutes as such “low hanging fruit” on the road to carbon neutrality by 2030 (in line with the EU Green Deal). It is deployed in > 450 data centers (a.o. Vodafone, Interxion, GSK, VISA, CBRE, BT, Telefonica, Digital Realty), both for colo (AC) as telco (DC) applications.

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