Intertel Belgium


Belgium, Turnhout, Steenweg On Gierle 148, 2300

Netherlands, Turnhout
IT hardware

Our services: 1 ° VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and in practice means as much as calling over a computer network such as the Internet. When using VoIP, an analog (PTSN) or digital telephone line (ISDN) is no longer required and, in addition to voice, other digital information can also be sent. VoIP is also sometimes referred to as IP telephony or Internet telephony. Hosted PBX. What is a Hosted PBX telephone exchange? 2 ° Hosted PBX refers to the fact that the telephone exchange is not physically located in the company. The physical, tangible has been replaced by a network of powerful servers in a highly secured and cooled data center. The configuration has been replaced by software that is always and everywhere accessible via the internet. 3 ° Intertel also offers mobile telephony and this on the highest quality network in Belgium,

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