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Lightning Protection International Belgium


Belgium, Brussels, Marcel Broodthaers Square 8, 1060

Lightning Protection International are specialist experts in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of data center lightning protection and earthing systems.

Lightning strikes and transient overvoltages present a risk to the sensitive systems and components used data centers. In today’s competitive environment system failure is a real threat. So, reduce cost-intensive operational disturbances and minimise down-time.

With a comprehensive lightning and surge protection concept you can optimise the continuous operation of data centers.

A lightning strike on a data center can have dramatic effects. Aside from the obvious risks of fire or injuries, it can destroy equipment and lead to the destruction of data.

Lightning strikes the ground throughout the world 100 times every second. It is one of nature’s most destructive elements. A single lightning bolt can carry up to 1 billion volts of energy and can reach temperatures of 28,000°C. Our lightning protection and earthing systems will prevent potential damage that can be caused by lightning strikes.

Lightning Protection systems are designed to give this energy a safe and low impedance path to earth.

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