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Pathema – Circular Cooling Water

Pathema Netherlands


Netherlands, Tilburg, Maidstone 28, 5026 SK

Nederland, Tilburg
Cooling Water, HVAC, Installation, Water Treatment & Efficiency

Making the process of water evaporation circular again? Hell yes! Pathema even makes the water transition rigorously simple for industry. We do this with a cooling water solution that removes all complexity and yet prevents limescale, corrosion and microbiological growth. The traditional approach with chemicals ensures that we pollute our water, making it no longer usable or reusable. The dirty water has to be discharged at great expense and thus leaves its traces in our living environment. Circular cooling water treatment is the only logical alternative to the current linear model of ‘Take, Make & Waste’. Linear is precious, finite and wastes our clean drinking water. And we don’t want that. With our technology we are able to turn a water consumer and polluter into a water producer. Our nature is our greatest source of inspiration; a solution that makes a complex process rigorously simple with the power of nature. Take, Make & Waste are making way for Reuse, Reduce & Recycle.



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