Pathema Netherlands


Netherlands, Goirle, Ralph Bunchestraat 19, 5051 KW

HVAC, Installation, Water Treatment & Efficiency

Pathema is an innovative and dynamic company that has been successfully engaged in the engineering of sustainable water treatment technology and product development for almost 10 years. We always put the customer first and think along in the constantly changing environment of water applications. Companies such as ASML, Air products, Smart DC, Grolsch, WESTIN Marriott, Bavaria, AMGEN, Heineken and Lamb Weston Meijer have already preceded you. Do you also want to make the change to sustainable water treatment? We are happy to tell you more!
Our products are distinguished by a chemical-free operation, energy and water savings. They are tailor-made solutions that pay for themselves quickly and are always in harmony with the environment.
One of our successful products is the IVG-C CoolWater technology, with which we recently won the title Water Innovator of the Year 2017. It is a ‘plug & play’ total solution that combines various techniques to prevent limescale, corrosion and microbiological growth (legionella), completely free of chemicals and with reduced energy and water consumption. Alternative water sources (such as rain, waste and ground water) can also be used for this.
Do you want to apply this technology to an existing installation or convert a chemical installation? No problem, we ensure that you can continue to operate without any problems until your new installation is put into operation. We can also provide all the requirements for new cooling towers, such as an optimal passivation process. In short, we can deliver turn key in all situations.

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