Secior Netherlands


Netherlands, Schiphol-Rijk, Boeing Avenue 254, 1119PZ Schiphol-Rijk, 1119PZ

Nederland, Schiphol-Rijk
Data Center Management, Facility Management, Security Services

Secior is a 100% Dutch cybersecurity company specialized in the OT/IoT/IT (3D) cybersecurity of datacenters. With a strong track record in designing, building, and operating hundreds of datacenters all over Europe, Secior combines in-depth datacenter knowledge with military precision and proven cybersecurity methodologies from mature industries like the banking sector. For decades, our team members operated in highly technical environments and witnessed the blurring boundaries between IT, OT and IoT. Traditionally, the cybersecurity of a datacenter was mainly based on physically separate networks. Due to the convergence of IT, OT and IoT, also within datacenters, a siloed cybersecurity is proving to be less effective and less sustainable. Therefore, a three-dimensional approach – as developed by Secior – is required.



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