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Netherlands, Hoofddorp, Jacobus Ahrendlaan 3, 2132 LP

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Netherlands, Hoofddorp
Dutch Data Center Association (DDA)
Air-filtering, humidity, HVAC

Customer focus, entrepreneurial spirit, and technological expertise – these have formed the basis for the successful growth of the STULZ Group for almost 70 years.

The amount of data in the world doubles approximately every 2 years. Therefore more data centers are needed which must be air-conditioned. An efficient use of resources is required . Innovations from STULZ helps to reduce the power consumption of data centers and other mission-critical applications.

Airconditioning solutions for every situation
Since its foundation in 1959, STULZ has developed in the BENELUX into a worldwide leading supplier of climate solutions. Precision cooling, comfort cooling, humidification and heatpumps, nowadays it is no longer a question of which separate system should be used, but more about what the best total solution is for the task in question. STULZ is your partner in climate solutions.

The originally German company is characterized by intensive contact with its customers, an innovative character and a pioneering role in the introduction of airconditioning in the Netherlands. We are specialists in our field and have a high level of technical expertise in data centers that extends far beyond our core business. The STULZ range includes precision cooling such as: traditional cooling room cooling, high-density cooling, chillers, container modules and airhandling units with adiabatic cooling. STULZ profiles itself as the partner for climate solutions with products in precision cooling, comfort cooling, air humidification and heat pumps. STULZ markets the brands of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, CAREL and REMKO.

• Comfort Cooling
• Humidification
• Precision Cooling
• Heatpumps


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