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CBRE publishes European Data Centers Q4 2020

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Europe Data Centres Q1 2020_Final

2020 Better then expected

  • Q4 was the busiest quarter with 95MW of new supply coming online and 70MW take-up. The majority of this activity was in London and Frankfurt.
  • A total 175MW of new supply was added in 2020, down 145MW compared with 2019. • Take-up for 2020 was 201MW, above our preCOVID estimate of 197MW.
  • Deals accounting for more than 440MW of new customer supply were signed during 2020, but 270MW of this was pre-committed for take-up in future years.
  • Hyperscalers account for 80% of demand across the FLAP markets.


2021 Record growth expected

  • A record 415MW of new supply is scheduled to come online across FLAP in 2021.
  • The market will likely see record take-up of 370MW.
  • More than 370MW of new supply will be added in 2022.
  • High growth is predicted across other European markets, including Berlin (see Page 7 of this report).
  • Hyperscalers will continue to build out in existing availability zones but the boundaries will expand outwards. There will also be growth in the build-tosuit market, which could impact some traditional wholesale demand.


Download the full report here:

Europe Data Centres Q4 2020 FINAL

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