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Netherlands, Capelle aan den IJssel, Nijverheidstraat 40, 2901 AR Capelle aan den IJssel, 2901 AR

Nederland, Capelle aan den IJssel
Dutch Data Center Association (DDA)
Building maintenance, Data Center Management, IT hardware

We cut data center costs by optimizing your site’s cooling energy usage (1) and give insight on where potential operational problems can occur in the future (2).

We do so by analyzing your site’s energy usage patterns from roof to room. Balancing the supply and demand of cooling energy to create optimal energy efficiency. Coolgradient monitors your sites continuously without interfering with your current infrastructure. No external sensors, devices or network needed.

Our solutions then show site managers, engineers and other operationally involved people where potential operational problems can occur, so they can move into a proactive mindset.
Solving problems before they arise and reducing the risk of operational failure.

This allows your sites to run more cost-efficient ánd sustainable (savings up to 25%). Making your sites ready for tomorrow without endangering today’s operation.



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