Croon, Wolter & Dros

Croon, Wolter & Dros Netherlands


Netherlands, Rotterdam, Marten Meesweg 25, 3068 AV

You want a flexible data center, no matter where and how you place equipment. The data center of the future is flexible and modular and has, in terms of design, no limitations. We design in such a way that physical connections, including data cabling and power supply, are laid out in such a way that it is possible to adapt the setup at a later date without any problems. The same applies to cooling and fire extinguishing systems. We lead the way in the use of System Engineering (SE) and the Building Information Model (BIM) and attach great importance to the commissioning of the installations installed by us. Of course we document everything in a DCIM which is linked to all involved management systems so you will not be surprised. In this way, you will stay informed in real time about the performance of the used installations and we guarantee that you will also be flexible in the future when (re)setting up your data center.

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